Umoja As One
         (Perfect Mission For Peace)    Phone: +1 713 5727464   Address: 9493 Page wood Ln, Houston, Texas 77063
Umoja As One Organization

Started in 1990 by a group of young scholars in a view to promote peace, unity and development in the Great lakes region of Africa.
UMOJA AS ONE is a Swahili word for �Unity in togetherness�.

Umoja as one is founded on socio-economic disparities existing in the world such that some people are extremely rich while others are suffering from poverty. some countries are enjoying peace and security while others are exposed to death due to war and escalating conflicts. Some of the programmes that we deal with are as follow: 
1.Education: Training the youth and women social studies & development. 
2.Human Security: Small arms control , information and diplomacy. 
3.Peace Building and Development: Conflict resolution, civic education, volunteering and humanitarian.

PROJECT:Conflict Management
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Success Stories

Implementing peace education for refugees from Congo DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. Offering basic conflict resolution training 
Security Information to the local communities of East of Nairobi province in Kenya. 
Organizing and facilitating peace forums in the countries of the great lake region. 
It has also managed to have representatives in more than 21 countries of the world who serve as human security informers. 
Umoja As one Director has been appointed as the Chief Campaigner of Small Arms control in Rwanda, where they gathered 16 churches and youth organizations in Gikondo, Kigali for an event . 
It has also started a programme of small arm control and community policing in the East lands part of Nairobi Kenya among the youth who are affected by such problems
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